Commercial Disputes/Risk Management

We assess each matter on a cost/benefit analysis to provide value for money and to maximise recovery or limit losses.


We may be able to offer a conditional fee arrangement (“No Win-No Fee or Lower Fee”) or advise you of the most economic way of pursuing or defending a claim.

Professional Negligence

Professional advisors can often fall below the standards expected of them when dealing with your affairs, and the consequences can be personally and financially disastrous. We have considerable experience in pursuing claims against professional advisors of all types to include architects, accountants, solicitors and surveyors. We advise upon evidence and strategies to maximise claims against their indemnity insurers.

Contractual Disputes

Contract law is complex and is often affected by regulations such as the Unfair Contract Terms Regulations. We will advise you on your rights and obligations and seek to provide solutions to unresolved issues. Our aim is to provide cost-effective and realistic advice. We know that our clients are often required to make “commercial” decisions in litigation, and that the legal background is, whilst important, not the only factor to consider.

Franchising and Dispute Resolution

Entering a franchise is a huge investment both in terms of money and time. There is an inherent tension between franchiser and franchisee. Agreements are complex and franchisees must appreciate their rights and obligations before a final commitment is made. Should a dispute arise during the course of an agreement we will be happy to assist in bringing about a settlement.

Insurance Claims

We will provide advice and assistance if you are pursuing a claim against an insurance company, following analysis of all facts and law. Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out, seeking to rely on complicated terms and conditions to avoid settling your claim. We will help you maximise recovery.

Goods In Transit

There is a complex relationship between the law of contract and some rather ancient rules of bailment when goods are entrusted to a third party. We have development a niche practice in this specialised area of the law, and will assist you in analysing both your right to and the measure of damages.

Probate Disputes

We will give you advice and representation upon contesting a will or other probate issue.


Defamation and libel actions can be notoriously expensive to bring and defend. We have a great deal of experience in defamation work and have access to experienced counsel who will consider dealing with your case on a conditional fee arrangement. This is a complicated area of law and we will be happy to advise you upon the remedies available to you, which can often be achieved without the expense of a trial.


The Courts encourage parties to mediate their differences rather than pursuing claims to trial. Mediation is most cost-effective if it is carried out at an early stage, but this requires the consent of all parties to a dispute. We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case and advise you upon the best strategy.