business crime & regulatory


Corporate Support

For a number of years our team has provided a consultancy service to leading commercial firms seeking a criminal practitioner’s perspective. We can provide this service direct to your client or as a “bolt-on” to your own services.

Recent advice has included:

  • Advising whether a course of action proposed in settling litigation might give rise to allegations of corruption or bribery;
  • Advising on potential liability for tax fraud;
  • Advising a large corporation upon whether some of its assets might be held to constitute the proceeds of crime, giving rise to liability on its directors;
  • Providing advice during a £10m corporate acquisition where previously undiscovered regulatory offences were feared to resulted in the assets of the company constituting the proceeds of crime.

We have also established a team of lawyers in tandem with a large commercial firm to advise on anti-competitive practices and cartels. We are equipped to provide rapid response to “dawn raids” and to provide advice on competition law and offences in the event enquiries by the various investigative authorities, whether under the provisions of the Enterprise Act or other relevant legislation.

Our business crime team will be happy to provide
initial or emergency advice, and often can advise
you over the telephone or by email.