Magistrates & Crown Court

Magistratesí Courts:

If you are due to appear in the Magistrates' Court we will advise you of the options available to you and how best to proceed, whether that involves contesting the allegation at trial or seeking to resolve the matter by way of a guilty plea on the most favourable basis. Our team of experienced advocates and support staff will prepare and present your case to its best advantage.

We will assist in the collection of evidence supporting your case and, where necessary, ensure that appropriate expert evidence is obtained. We wish to ensure that your interests are fully protected.

Steven Jonas heads the Magistratesí Court Department

Crown Court:

The more serious cases go to the Crown Court and, should this happen, we will again ensure that your case is prepared and presented to its best advantage, including the collection of evidence and the instructing of appropriate expert witnesses.

You will be represented in court either by a barrister or by one of our Higher Courts' Advocates, in either case chosen to meet the specific requirements of your particular case. You will have access to the most experienced advocates available, and by securing the involvement of the most appropriate representation will ensure that your interests are fully protected.

John Smitheman heads the Crown Court Department