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Money Laundering

Since the introduction of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 offences of “money laundering” are being charged with increasing regularity. Money laundering is prosecuted in a number of different guises.

Those in possession of large quantities of cash are investigated or prosecuted on the basis that the cash is deemed to be the proceeds of criminal activity. Recent case law also suggests that the prosecution need not prove what that criminal activity actually is: robust inferences can be drawn in relation to the circumstances relating to the cash.

We will take a team approach to the defence of any such allegation and help establish an audit trail of the cash. We may well involve a forensic accountant in this process, so that a full audit of your financial history can be carried out by an expert. Such a report would found a central plank of your defence, as the prosecution often do not have access to such expert assistance.

Professionals too can fall foul of the money laundering provisions, if they transfer or hold property on behalf of others. We have vast expertise in defending regulatory offences created by the Proceeds of Crime Act, and has advised accountants and solicitors on their operation, as well as having published articles on the subject. We also advise other solicitors under the remit of the Law Society Anti-Money Laundering Directory, which offers free advice to fellow professionals concerned about the effects of the Money Laundering Regulations.