Police Law

The police and other agencies exercise a wide range of intrusive investigatory powers.

Homes and places of work can be searched without warning. Documentation and property vital to the carrying on of business and everyday life can often be seized.

Individuals may be arrested and questioned for many hours.

The police may impose bail conditions restricting your movements and activities for many months.

Bank accounts may be restrained (frozen).

The use of such powers can however be challenged in the civil and criminal courts.

We can help you with the following:

  • Representation during questioning by the police and other agencies such as HMRC, SFO and Department of BIS (formerly DTI).
  • Challenges to the use of powers of search by means of judicial review and police complaints.
  • Applications to the Magistratesí Courts to vary the conditions of police bail.
  • Applications to vary or discharge orders restraining personal and business bank accounts.
  • Judicial review challenges to the wrongful imposition of police cautions.
  • Advice concerning the destruction of samples taken by the police, such as fingerprints, photographs and DNA.
  • Claims for damages arising from false imprisonment following wrongful arrest.

Public Funding (Legal Aid) is available for many, but not all matters.